Top 7 of Top 10 Literary Landscapes

The station can’t track how many people listen to the radio over the radio waves, but if you play the podcast afterwards at the site, it can tell how many plays there were.
Guess what name kept re-occurring in the top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand at station over the last 6 months at CKCU? Literary Landscape.
That could be because writers listen to writers on poet time, a bit offset from the usual schedule but in any case our show has been in the top 8% of the station so thank you for that!
CKCU runs 24 hours a day, every day of the year by over 200 volunteers in 12 languages. There are 120 shows on CKCU. 19 of them are talk shows so to be among the top plays on demand is kinda special.
If you missed these episodes, here they are:

(While you’re there you can also leave messages on the pages.)
Radio is the ultimate ephemeral micropublishing. It’s slightly more tangible than a thought between the ears.
CKCU has been dropping soft thoughts and sounds as an indie station since 1975. Not commercial radio, not publicly owned, instead owned by any member of the public who wants to support. Last year the Annual Funding Drive has a goal of $127,000. We made it and then some. We can do it again this year. The station funding drive starts officially today!
You can donate to CKCU through their website, phone lines, or the United Way. When you make your donation to the United Way, simply select CKCU as the charity you’d like to receive your United Way donation.
CKCU newsflash: This summer, we ran our first radio camp for blind adults. We offer an entry point into the media for Carleton University students and others. Many people who went on to become full-time journalists and media personalities got their start at CKCU. CKCU also runs radio camps for kids in March break and the summers teaching them new skills and building their confidence.

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