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Turret House Press now has my chapbook available for sale for $7. Or you can buy a whole year of chappies (probabably 6 or so) for $60. It’s also stocked at Phoenix Books Montreal, 5928 Sherbrooke O.

This series of spare poems Ottawa poet Pearl Pirie plucks moments out of time and presents them in a thought-provoking light. Sensuous and playful, empathetic and deeply human, this gem of a chapbook will dazzle and enchant!

Turret House Press blurb of A Couple Sumarians

It passes the sniff test.

Look at that, even environmentally-friendly.

It’s mostly love poems. I have copies to buy from me directly too.

Sample poem?

a minute pinned

it’s not forever
but it’s close 
enough to count
the heartbeats
as I watch the future
barrel at me like a child
in a cardboard box
careening down
the stairs.

A Couple Sumarians by Pearl Pirie

Also in the summer lineup are two other titles you should probably get:

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  1. Hi Pearl!

    Minor correction, you get 12 chapbooks in a year for your subscription!!

    James Hawes
    Turret House Press

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