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Ottawa writer Deborah-Anne Tunney has a short story collection coming this fall. Enter at GoodReads to win a copy of The View from the Lane.
Also this fall: a call for Making Contact: Circulating Small and Micro Press Poetry in Canada organized by Cameron Anstee. There’s also calls for postmodernism, Women Writing North by Alana Fletcher (Queens University) and Canadian Writing Beyond the Book-Machine by organizers: Christopher Doody (Carleton U), Eric Schmaltz (York U). From a different direction there’s a call for The Canadian Alternative: Canadian Cartoonists, Comics, and Graphic Novels.
Today’s the homestretch to easily get into the workshop on bookmaking with Christine McNair thru the Chaudiere Rebuilding Year Campaign which surpassed its funding goals days ahead of the target. A couple days to go.
Sept 15 is the next deadline to submit to Bywords.
An album of the most recent Tree.
Part of the show with Helen Guri was broadcast in mono instead of stereo. I fixed levels and made a new copy: Listen to the show with Helen Guri here.
The Literary Press Group of Canada Festivals round-up.
A list of Best Canadian Book trailers
Woxikon finds synonyms, abbreviations and rhymes across multiple languages.
I forgot about google books Ngram viewer (and it’s remarkably hard to google up) but Poetic Meter peaked in 1984.
I think I’m in love with Zalgo text generator.
Who is Russell Edson and why have I not seen him before?
via Gallaher,

Russell Edson
A Letter from an Insomniac
Dear Mr. Furniture-Maker,
The bed you have made for me is a very difficult one. When I pull on its reins it rears up protesting the road. And it seems to fear heights, for when I ask it each night to jump from the window, it hesitates. It is impossible to sleep in a bed that is afraid of heights . . . I dream so often of the mountains. I believe this bed is a valley creature.

I’m way behind the curve on his blog but he also has an interesting post about Mary Ruefle who said, “wasting my life making idle comparisons between things that could not and need not be compared”
Yale University has an open university session with videos, pdfs and assignments on Modern Poetry like H.D. and Wallace Stevens.
The Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival happens every 2 years. The next one is Oct 23-26 in New Jersey. Their lineup is up. I think each one has Billy Collins and Rita Dove but this year also has Gary Snyder, Mark Doty, January Gill O’Neil, Alice Oswald and Robert Pinksy…and a few dozen more.
I’m curious about this British anthology, Blame Montezuma, dedicated to chocolate. The one sample poem is verse and there’s no list of poets. Anyone know more?
Speaking of food poem, came across this Black Truffle by Stephen Brockwell that starts,

Nothing on the tongue more subtle; from the earth,
not of it; of garlic, clove, oak, air,
and stars if stars were small enough to taste
and sprinkle on risotto.

You saw that the A-Frame residency is now open for applications?
I chanced across via twitter Jennifer M. Hecht on her “transliteration”—a meaningful sound-alike—of William Blake’s “The Tyger” The Spider.

In the purpose of your art
twist the neurons of my heart.

A Lorine Niedecker interview with Cid Corman.
I think I’ve read enough of Peter Norman to know he thinks interesting things and this interview on process and editing is no exception.
Susan Holbrook is interviewed and talks among other things about lists and less narrative forms of poetry,

Q: What is it about the accumulation that appeals?
A: I think of a traditional paragraph as a dogwalker holding a bunch of leashes, each sentence-dog tethered to the main man. In a more cumulative structure, dogs just keep running into the park, one after another—you never know when they’ll stop! There are interesting relationships among the units, but they do not involve cause/effect or subordinations so much as resonances—it’s democratic. No alpha dog. And there’s a nice processual, self-generating energy that gets going.

Jonathan Ball in recounting his making of Clockfire said, “If you always trust your instincts, you’ll always repeat what’s safe.”
And you saw this article about Biblioasis who turns 10.
If you follow me on twitter you’ll have seen most of this.

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