VERSeFest Women's Slam Showcase

Jenna Tenn-Yuk hosting the Women's Showcase
Day 3 of VERSeFest was The Women’s Slam Showcase of V, Kay’la Fraser, Kimbit and Missaralee, hosted by Jenna Tenn-Yuk.
Miss Saralee
Missaralee told of being stuck speechless, except for the “words sanctioned by Shakespeare”, the right time and place being the stage, not interpersonal space. Girls are told to be quiet and obey. (Know that upbringing!)
She gave fair warning, if you are being a creep, I will shame you, and laid out the law of no means no, which you could also buy as take home posters.
Missaralee's posters
She also gave a poem on navigating the L word; “Love is a verb and I know we were friends. look at where we are.”
Kay’la Fraser
Kay’la Fraser gave her poem of how she’d love, hard as trigonometry so no matter what you’ll be part of the equation and love like Bambi skating on ice. Awkward but so damned adorable.
Kay’la also has a book “What’s Come of This”. Was that at the merch table? I forgot to check.
Kimbit tried out new material and interspersed some of it with her gorgeous singing voice. Romance was also on her mind on a romance that hasn’t dared yet. “How many times must we miss each other before we miss each other?”
In her other piece she related the story of being a boat person, how many countries turned the boats away, how many people were accepted, how many tens of thousands were killed outright in Vietnam and how perhaps as many as 165,000 more died in prison before boats escaped. (Her hat reads “BOAT”). She told the history with a personal connect from the point of view of being in her mom’s womb when they made the journey. Some groups landed in the night and burned their boats just so that they couldn’t be put back on them and sent away. If I copied right, Canada accepted 107,000 refugees in that 70s wave.
Was it she or V who said, “my heart is not empty. It is just full of the wrong stuff”.
V got the crowd all stomping and reacting. She did a poem from the point of view of modern Juliet bawling him out for dumb decisions.
She again talked way close to the mic so I could only listen from the next room and it was still too loud. I didn’t follow her threads. Something about adults can play in the snow too. Someone buried in the driveway? I’m not sure, but she’s a crowd pleaser of raw energy.
There were spoken word CDs, including one by Kimbit, but not in this shot.

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