Book Buying

Survey results of book buying habits said in part:

The [500 survey] respondents said they discovered books in both physical bookstores and in online bookstores, with the online venue being more important (39% as opposed to 32%), but they were twice as likely to purchase the books online.
This suggests to me that the phenomenon of “showrooming”–where a prospective consumer discovers something in a bricks-and-mortar store, but then buys it online–is even more prevalent than previously thought

And further said 37% bought ebooks and pbooks. The trend is to buy both, finding out about what to buy by print, online, social media and other split close to evenly. For myself I tend to get first exposure to a book by happening on it by chance physically, or hearing at a reading, usually a couple times before I consider buying. Occasionally I’ll read reviews of it from a few sources.

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