On form and magazine function

ConduitCanada has an interview with Bardia Sinaee. It’s worth a full read. Here’s a couple snippets,
On “the resurgence on form poetry”,

Form never died or even faded, it’s just been mutating. How do we define or pin down the form of Berryman’s dream songs? I don’t think early post-modernism threw the formal baby out with the colonial bathwater. As universal things tend to do, poetic forms adapted by gobbling up the new, just as colonialism never died but incorporated universal awareness of its old tenets into a shiny new system of exploitation (and if your exports can’t compete in a “free” global market with subsidized American corn, then the IMF has a barbed dildo with your name on it).

and on the process of committee choosing a poem,

You’d think a large board might result in a broader range of poems being included, but it’s more like a venn diagram with ten circles–that is, any work that might be too “out-there” is not likely to survive.

A breath of fresh air, that fellow.

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