Poetics Statement

poetics statement 2021 What am I trying to do? What am I trying to avoid? What do I value?  what do I want to write? why? what matters? what do I want to read? Is it still process not product? Whereas before I wanted to break systems of thought, habits and associations and what passed […]


Some of the questions I was posed for the Girl Guides included these: Do you have poems about dragons? Not yet. But magic yes, and poems that play in imagination. I read from a pet radish, shrunken (Book*hug, 2015). What inspires you to make a poem? Sometimes when you have no one you can talk […]


Or #AmWriting as we say on twitter. Looking at the previous post: “I feel I am finally writing again.” That I sez, before going silent for 5 weeks. But I have been writing and editing like mad, trying to slap into shape 4 manuscripts. 2 I won’t finish this year. 2 I hope to finish […]

poetry is

I have said for years I like poetry but what I mean by that is observations from a curious, alert, agile mind, with an eye for compression. The mind that is self-critical and with a sense of humour. It could be other forms. A nimble, generousĀ conversationalist, an astute playful piece of sculpture, ink-stamped marks or […]