night suspends its tent, old moths-eaten sky a mile up, a world wide that farmlight too is gone, blinked out in the dip of road between hilllocks taking father’s key from where I know it’s hidden I let myself in do the dishes while waiting for his return stages told what to change into before […]

Forest Refuge

Forest Refuge Pass trunk to trunk your movements, a pulse of an organelle in the forest cell. The bars of the conifer grove denote home. The fibrous living welcome mats are beneath your feet, they reach for miles, tangling over and under themselves. They, up the twigs, are an extension of your own vascular system. […]


Copse I pass trunk to trunk with a rhythm like a pulse, pine gum on my legs I sit on a damp orange bed of needles spread my back against vertical bark I am held by the conifer grove feel secure to know that the roots spread under me to the horizon that I am […]

Japanese garden

Japanese Garden carp, the living flowers, pucker up swish coy fans in watery shadows as walking is made by footsteps life is made by the motion and pause mid-stride shifting of weight off the ground suspended faith restored that ground will remain for a while with each letting down the weight of each sole.