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frontenac books westonPoetry Book Links: Joanna Weston’s poetry book, A Summer Father released in November. I’m a fan of how she turns words, pithy and eloquent, understated and revealing. Her elegiac book of remembrances called a A Summer Father is from Alberta’s Frontenac House, the same press as published Sheri-D‘s re:Zoom, a playful exploration of language. Both are about $15 Cnd. My book buying list keeps getting longer and longer.

Her poems centre around memories of her father and his poems of time as a soldier. The poem Violent Poetry begins with an epigraph from her father’s poems then continues in her own spare measured strides with a powerful control,

…the smooth bright shapely shell
And the great gun lifted gleaming in the air,
Perfect with all the skill of men’s contriving.

war was the longest poem
I ever lived:
words blew apart
in my mind
the letters settling
in torn ditches

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