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K.I. Press’ 2nd poetry book Spine has re-envisioning of new testament stories .

Her phrasings are tight without being hollowly terse. There’s has a playfulness, energy and momentum that made me stop and read as I flipped though half a dozen titles in the bookstore, being less impressed with each one until spine.

That’s my third whistle stop at that writer. I remember taking note as her being of interest from what Amanda said about her Types of Canadian Women book and at that point the name bouncing off a pleasant vague memory of having liked something else Press had written.

Does that mean that 10 contacts had passed before then to trough out a neural impression? How many more before the landscape is washed out by being completely taken with her style? This one I loved thinking, a past self would have loved this book to bits. It still sets off the religious fascination but not as it would have once had. The writing is compelling. In one poem describes not books as being like people, but each person being a book, a reversal I found interesting. For me, interesting can be high praise.

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  1. Hi 🙂

    I saw you added me, so I thought I would visit and say “hi” 🙂

    A very nice haiga! 🙂

  2. I like this – the sense of frustration of the buzz, but then concern once its gone. It’s like we are never satisfied. Sinister overtones too about why it might have stopped.

    jem – the sound of splinters

  3. Love your hat! And I love your three-liner even more than the hat — the sounds there (masterful wielding of the e) are delectable.

  4. nice

    Some very nice mixes.
    Lorri Neilsen particularly grabbed me.
    Coherent but sparked and coining.
    –Mr. Jim

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