Checking In: phafours poet: Catina Noble

Catina Noble, fellow cocoaphile, appeared in Cocoa Cabin (phafours, 2014). She is a busy Ottawa writer with over 200 publication credits. Her work has appeared in Woman’s World Magazine, Y Travel BlogPerceptive TravelBywords and many other places. She has four chapbooks of poetry, a full length poetry book— a total of ten books out.

Three of her books: Vacancy at the Food Court & Other Short StoriesI’m Glad I Didn’t Kill Myself and Everest Base Camp: Close Call won the Reader’s Favorite seal of approval. [PP: Everest Base Camp was quite a ride.]

PP: What’s life’s focus these days, literary or otherwise? 

CN: Life is extremely rich and full with working full-time, writing and I am enrolled in the Addictions & Mental Health program through Algonquin College to add another layer to my education. I haven’t really been reading too much for leisure lately.

PP: What is underway or forthcoming? 
CN: I am working on a couple of different books, a collection of short stories and a few new poems. My latest work was just released in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Your 10 Keys to Happiness. However, this seems to be my year because I also have had two books released The Happily Ever After? (poetry) and Finding Evie (fiction). On top of that I have published two travel articles and two article on writing so far this year. 

The Happily Ever After? by Catina Noble (Crowe Creations, 2022)

PP: Any links to plug?
CN: To follow along on my adventures you can check out my website [which also reviews books.] I can also be found on Twitter @CatinaNoble1 and Instagram @cncreate