Checking In: With Mohamad Kebbewar

I was lucky enough to publish Evacuate: poems by Mohamad Kebbewar in 2019 about his memories and reflections on the bombing of Syria. It is one of my best-selling titles.

4 copies of Evauate currently in stock.

PP: Mohamad, what have you read lately that lit you up?

MK: I recently read Hotline by Dimitry Nasrallah. It was a good read and topical. It’s a story of immigrant life during the eighties, the life they leave behind and the life they aspire to. The craft is solid and the story comes to a full circle with the news from Lebanon. 

PP: What comprises life at the moment, literary or otherwise?

MK: I’m focused on my graphic design studio and building new clientele. I’m also editing my first novel The Bones of Aleppo. 

I have written twenty or thirty poems in the past two year. I’m working on the manuscript of my next chapbook The Soap of Aleppo. 

PP: What is underway or forthcoming? Anything you can share?

MK: Recently an essay was accepted for publication by About a Place Journal. Here’s the link: 

A British music writer asked to do an interview with me about the war in Syria and the Ukraine war with regard to the treatment of refugees East and West. Here’s the link:

PP: Any author site, social media urls or things you’d like to plug?

MK: I don’t have an author’s website yet but readers can find me on Facebook with the same spelling: Mohamad Kebbewar. 

PP: Super. Thanks for your time.