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Time attracts no fruit flies. pesbo has been going since August 2005. Next year it turns double digitals.
But Literary Landscape turns 18 next year! It can’t vote yet but you can.
This isn’t the Ottawa election. Voting with your wallet is allowed.
Want to support the show?
$10 minimum gets an income tax receipt. There’s no max. No penalty for coming back and stuffing the ballot box with more cash. You can pledge to pay later or donate thru paypal now.
Mark “Literary Landscape” as the focus for the cash flow when you go here: CKCU
No widow’s mite?
Mention it on social media with the hashtags #supportckcu and #LiteraryLandscape and spread the world.
Here are some of the people I interviewed or shared poetry from over the past year, my first year as host. It feels like we made something special of the show’s 17th years.
Shery Alexander Heinis (A Greater Whole) and Roland Prevost (Singular Plurals, Chaudiere), Gil McElroy (Touch the Donkey 3), Rachael Simpson (Five, Apt 9), Wanda Praamsma (a thin line between, BookThug), Tomas Tranströmer (Sound Ideas: Hearing and Speaking Poetry), Erin Mouré (The Green Word, Oxford), Paul Dutton (Mouth Pieces), Helen Guri (Match, Coach House), Robert Priest (Waging Peace, Penumbra), Susan Holbrook (Touch the Donkey 2), Jennifer Pederson (Sawdust Reading Series),
Derek Walcott (Noonday), Beth Follett (A Thinking Woman Sleeps with Monsters, Apt 9), Margo LaPierre, Kevin McPherson Eckhoff (forge, Snare), Nicholas Power (Melancholy Scientist, Tekseditions), Avonlea Fotheringham (Mythopoeia, Capital Slam, in/words), Brad Morden (Versefest), Archibald Lampman (Borealis Press), Martha Solano (Saturnalia), Michael e. Casteels (Puddles of Sky), Sarah Pinder (Cutting Room, Coach House), Diane Tucker (Bonsai Love, Harbour), Peg Bresnahan (Press 63), John Pass (Railroad Series, crawlspace, Harbour), Aisha Sasha John (Thou, BookThug), Jane Munro (Blue Sonoma, Brick Books), Philomene Kocher (Singing in the Silo, Catkin), Stanford Forrester (Bottle Rockets), Lee Ann Brown (In the Laurels, Caught, Fence), Robert Earl Stewart (Something Burned Along the Southern Border, Mansfield),Kevin Spenst (small press national tour), Amy Clampitt (Selected, Knopf), Jenna Tenn-Yuk (Words to Live By Series), Nelson Ball (In this Thin Rain, Mansfield), Czandra (radish ~ a singularity, obvious epiphanies press), Souvankham Thammavongsa (Light, Pedlar Press),
Danielle K.L. Gregoire (Versefest), Amanda Earl (Kiki, Chaudiere), Rory McIvor on Robbie Burns, Shane Rhodes (X Poems and anti-poems, Nightwood), Marco Fraticelli (Drifting, Catkin Press), Stephen Brockwell (Complete Surprising Fragments of Improbable Books, Mansfield Press), David O’Meara (A Pretty Sight, Coach House), John Buschek (Buschek Books), Spencer Gordon (Cosmo, Coach House, Puritan), Richard Truhlar tribute, Deanna Young (Tree Reading Series, and since House Dreams, Brick), and Steve Artelle (Metropantheonand, Signature Editions).
All the hosts, Kate Hunt and Dave Currie and every guest host have also done roaringly successful shows with people listening in locally and international covering storytelling, people and events of various genres of writing: Zaccheus Jackson, Prose in the Park, Landline – digital interactive theatre, Postscripts to Darkness launch, Rising Science Fiction stars, ChiZine Publications, (un)told: Live original storytelling, Ray Besharah and Craig Calhoun the Accord of Poets tour, children book’s author Rachel Eugster (The Pocket Mommy), and the new Coordinating Editor of Arc Poetry Magazine, Chris Johnson.
All the hosts and shows going back a few months are still in podcast here.

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