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Look what’s popped up. I look forward to reading all of these. Notes from Gethsemani by Phil Hall Poetry/essay, and The Ends by Jen Currin Poetry 36 pp [No poems were burned in the making of this picture.] Notes launched 10 days ago on East Pender.
From Currin’s “To Steal Your Bells and Red Animals” p. 6

I pass the fountain,
consumed by a dancing illness.
Grief has never been so generous.
It lifts its finger from my mouth
and I am alone.

From Hall’s Notes, looking through the vaults of Thomas Merton’s personal library, p. 11

When the ice breaks—the river talks—the ice talks—
it is woe flowing—let the woe flow through the artifacts
e want to return to the initial impulse to speak or
draw—& to do that w need to write the next word as
if it were the First Word in all its multiple guides
At all costs—the artifact (ice—type—print) needs to
give way to transformation—to more talk—more
language—flow—more poems that let the jungle in
They ran through the briars & they ran through the brambles
They ran through the bushes where the rabbits wouldn’t go

And backlist to consume, Aviva by Nicole Brossard trans. by Anne-Marie Wheeler Poetry 48 pp (Bilingual Edition) Lovely crackling intensity flaming from the in-step. It doesn’t just rock. It rockets, p. 7

the latest translated
thus far from her élan and aura
of harmony while the freed figure
later be certain decide
between the words, what pleases is plenty
the detours mid-verb fully shade

Nomados chapbooks in the mail. (Interview with Meredith Quartermain of Nomados)
Hat tip to Brenda and her inspiring book portraits.

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