Hot Off the Press

Look what’s popped up. I look forward to reading all of these. Notes from Gethsemani by Phil Hall Poetry/essay, and The Ends by Jen Currin Poetry 36 pp [No poems were burned in the making of this picture.] Notes launched 10 days ago on East Pender. From Currin’s “To Steal Your Bells and Red Animals” […]

Tree Press Chapbook Award

Claudia announcing the winner of the Tree Press chapbook contest. Judge Matt Tierney felt it was tight enough to also give mention to Lesley Strutt’s Elbow Grease as runner up. The winner was “Winter Music” marked by restraint and tenderness, a tension between inner tranquillity and the outer chaos. That winning chapbook was by MaryLee […]

Super Squirrels in Stetsons Rule the Wor(l)d: This Call's for Poems

[Edit: Deadline extended to September 15th, 2013] That’s as much the tone, or more, than the substance. A departure point…from left field. Squirrelly poems. Those tangental to space. Absurd. Offbeat goats. Wondrous. Whimsical. Funny, kind. An offbeat optimistic. Mouse-sized flash fiction. Surreal. Silly. Vispo. Amuse me. (Hints: limericks do not amuse me. Dead squirrels need […]