Poetry in Other Forms, really other forms

Because the thought and action experiment of the tattooing on words project is just too facile. lol. Of course, these difficult ways to publish are just in fun and funny…

Difficult ways to publish poetry (1– husbandry)
Breed a race of small rodents whose feet are shaped like letters, or, perhaps easier, use rodent-foot-binding to fashion letter shapes. Ink rodent feet with saffron ink grown/harvested by hand. Train rodents to walk in shapes of poems on paper made of sloughed skin cells of celebrities and dessicated truffles.

rodents, splints, rags, (and/or radioactive material to cause genetic mutations), saffron crocus, land on which to grow saffron crocus, rodent training manual, loofahs of celebrities, pigs, France, truffle-filled woods.

from http://odalisqued.blogspot.com/

[via Shanna Compton]

btw, did you know Coach House Books has audio you can access?

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