Super Squirrels in Stetsons Rule the Wor(l)d: This Call's for Poems

[Edit: Deadline extended to September 15th, 2013]
That’s as much the tone, or more, than the substance. A departure point…from left field.
Squirrelly poems. Those tangental to space. Absurd. Offbeat goats. Wondrous. Whimsical. Funny, kind. An offbeat optimistic. Mouse-sized flash fiction. Surreal. Silly. Vispo. Amuse me. (Hints: limericks do not amuse me. Dead squirrels need not apply.)
So, this here is a call for a “Squirrels in Stetsons Take Over Earth”, (or the “wor(l)d” or something) [flip over chapbook and it’s] “A Goat on Mars”.
Two covers. Some sort of woodblock look. If I can get someone to transfer the image in my head to ink.
At least one of of a squirrel. Why? Love the critters. There aren’t that many species more adaptive than people, or who look better looking than us in a tux. Or a tux and a stetson.

With their chocolate brown eyes batting their eyelashes like Zsa Zsa Gabor, they can leap small buildings in a single bound. Squirrels can do trigonometry better than you. They can probably do your taxes if there were nuts in it for them. Should there be a nuclear power plant incident, they may take over our homes, collecting rents from cockroaches and rats while making a little money on the side from fixing the results at their small scale casinos.

I’m thinking submissions accepted as of now to pagehalffull [at] with a subject line of “Goats”, deadline of Aug 15th, with a goal to it coming out this fall with my phafours press.
A 20 word bio included would help facilitate as well, or we can work that out if its among the poems that work together with the others that come into something interesting.

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