Tweaking Sense

Hugh Thomas did a Factory reading of his translations, mentioning Clint Burnham’s sonnet book, reminding of Franzlations (by Gary Barwin, Craig Conley, and Hugh Thomas from a few years ago as well.
I’m on a translation kick. Here’s one spun Marvin Bell’s Earplugs at Cordite Poetry Review from homophonic translation and subjected to other mechanical translations,
Make a Mailbox Japansk
has not progress become high quality?
with threat rays buzzing our roof, what is hope?
an airbag for the landscape
open — tennis.
this is a popular long way around to do things.
I have seen that thought that I want to do.
I can not hear your thoughts. I want to say:
airbags. I feel my mind go to an artificial outcry
a distant dark. scientists create sounds on Mars.
size is shown as something far away.
creatively soundproof, we are brand new.
Our heart is a new apartment.
He has returned to his room to expand.
I expected thrumming.
oh, here comes the popularity. Run Run Run.
One thousand and one.
Two hundred, three hundred, are open
to the flash
winter is where?
we sketch the stars.
and the silence.
at maximum 2 or 3 are left
in the physical world of nausea and fire.
here are some of the popular terms:
morning sickness and physical peace.
in winter, the sound?
fires. fire.
this is good backfiring.
this is a good counter-productive.

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