unarmeds have arrived
A whole whack of back and new issues of Unarmed have arrived from Michael Mann. Lovely! Good to see some issues I missed getting.
It’s been going 14 years now, 67 issues out of Minnesota. Issue #66 has, among others Camille Martin. & Kevin Spenst who is heading on his cross-Canada chapbook reading tour, due to hit Ottawa in April.
Issue #67 has within the new chapbook by Fungo Appetite with cut-up collages. Issue #67 new work by erica van horne, jonathan brannen (1950-2013), kemeny babineau, daniel f. bradley, dave kennedy, jesse freeman, david-baptiste chirot, jessy kendall, ross priddle, jake st. john, guy r beining, daniel boroughs, pearl pirie, bill bissett, buck downs, steve venright, robert head, joseph bradshaw, john wenstrom, richard martin, jeff harrison, joe blades, brett evans, james yeary, john m. bennett, jim leftwich & andrew topel.
That adds up to 29 chapbook, zines and ephemeral, 5 books, digital or physical arriving into the house last week. It’s only Tuesday and 16 more chapbook zines.
So much sweet reading and perusing ahead of me.

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