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You already know about Reverse Dictionary which is a kind of an online thesaurus and RhymeZone but did you notice Rhyme Zone now has not just perfect rhymes, near rhymes, similar sounding words but in the same drop down “find word in poetry excerpts“. I’m pretty sure that’s new.
Also new is an oulipo of univocalism by Amanda Earl .
An OULIPO talk by Lee Ann Brown for 40 minutes include procedures such as taking a text and changing every 7th word to the 7th word after it in the dictionary. can use many dictionaries to get most interesting or do it with software
NYT (delightful) Article on Ann Carson

Carson even use a random integer generator to reorder her work. “It saves you a lot of worry,” Carson says about randomness. “You know, all that thinking.”

Updates of people doing national poetry month of oulipost are here which lists techniques and results here.
Bernadette Mayer’s classic list of processes
If you’re looking for more prompts:
Poetic Asides
Daniel Scott Tynsdale samples of his textbook
we write poems
Poetry prompts
or search on twitter for the pwoermd play with #InterNaPwoWriMo

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